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Multibowl Systems

The multi-bowl system allows the support of multiple casing strings therefore reducing installation time. Our multi-bowl wellhead system is configurable according to your specifications. Apache's multi-bowl system can significantly reduce your operational cost and improve safety at the same time.
Mulit-bowl system uses traditional TCM Tubing Hangers. Tubing hanger lands on the packoff support bushing.
Lockdown pins from the upper casing spool locks the tubing hangers in place.
Tubing Hanger
Straightbore design casing spool incorporates two sets of ET style lockpins. Supplied with two
Side-Studded Outlets
Casing Spool
Pack-off support busing lands on the mandrel hanger and suspend the intermediate casing string.
Packoff Support Bushing
Apache Multi-bowl casing head uses a straight-bore desgin with 45° landing shoulders. Casing heads are supplied with eight lockpins to supportthe packoff bushing.
Casing Head
Multi-bowl system utilizes a fluted mandrel! casing hanger to allow cement returns.
Casing Hanger