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Apache Pressure Products carry a variety of valves from large to small. We offer valves in several different material and pressure classes. Ranging from high-pressure instrumentation valves to trunnion mounted ball valves.

Apache Pressure Products works with quality manufacturers all over the world in the design and production of our valves. Our supplier qualification process ensures only well managed and quality driven
organizations are accepted into our supply chain. Our inhouse quality control team is equipped with six valve testing units that's capable of pressure testing valves up to 25,000 psi.

We understand that reliable valves are often at the heart of complex applications. That's why bringing a wide selection of valves at a competitive price is one of our core missions at Apache Pressure Products.
Butterfly Valves
Often situated between two pipe segments, butterfly valves use a disc to isolate upstream flows or provide throttling. Butterfly valves are versatile and more economical when compared to other similar sized valve designs. Apache Pressure Products offers different selections of seat and disc materials for maximum suitability for your desired application. Our butterfly valves are designed to be used in between piping segments and are not suitable for dead-end service unless a flange is installed on the downstream side while the line is pressurized.

Needle Valves
Needle Valves have a small port and a tapered plug, allowing for precise regulation of oil and gas flow. These valves are perfect for protecting your delicate gauges, and other pressure-sensitive parts. Apache Pressure Products optimized line of needle valves come in carbon and stainless steel bodies and control pressures from 6,000 PSI to 10,000 PSI, allowing you to control the flow to your precise needs.
Oilfield Ball Valves
A work horse of the oil patch, these valves' proven design has made it a mainstay of upstream operations since its initial introduction. Economical and color coded for easy identification oilfield ball valves feature a grease fitting for easy lubrication and a heavy-duty locking device for protection against accidental operation. Apache Pressure Products offers oilfield ball valves from 1" to 4" and up to 5,000 psi. For increased reliability we also offer a bolted body design that eliminates the risk of accidentally backing out the valve cap during installation.

Threaded Ball Valves
Quarter turn threaded ball valves are one of the most common type of valves used in industrial and commercial applications. Commonly used as a shutoff device, floating ball valve works by using the force of the upstream flow to seal the ball against the seat shutting off the flow.
Apache Pressure Products supplies ball valves in brass, stainless and carbon steel. Ball valves can be constructed as one-piece body, two-piece body, or two-piece seal-weld depending on the design requirements. We offer ball valves ranging from 600 psi to ANSI Pressure Class 2,500.

Check, Gate, Globe Valves
Our check, gate and globe valves come in many varieties. Our inline check valves are spring operated up to 1/2" in internal diameter. We also supply color coded oil patch swing check valves in ductile iron and carbon steel up to 4". Finally, for your mission critical applications we
supply Class 800 forged steel check, gate and globe valves that are designed according to API 602 and are API 607 firesafe.

Flanged End Valves
Flanged end valves are critical to midstream and downstream infrastructure. They are key components in major pipelines as well as tank batteries and refining operations. A flanged bolted connection is much more secure than a threaded connection and can facilitate connections of larger sizes where threaded connections becomes impractical.