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Precision machined stainless tube fitting and tubing are utilized in many industrial applications. Apache Pressure Products supply a variety of tubing solutions from welded straights to seamless coiled tubing.

To put it all together we can supply a full line of compression fittings. Our fittings are made in ISO9001 certified machines shop and are approved by many world class industrial OEMs.

Compression fittings works when torque is applied to the nut of the fitting which forces a cone shaped component

called the ferrule to grip and deform the tubing. This metal to metal seal is what locks the fitting into place and provides sealing, keeping the liquid or gas inside the fitting's cavity.

While simple in principle, the preciseness of tolerances, hardness of the ferrule, and smoothness of the tubing are all critical for this process to work flawlessly.
Stainless steel tubing comes in several varieties. Apache Pressure Products offers SS316L seamless tubing along with welded SS304 stainless tubing. For your convenience we offer our tubing in 10', 20', and 300' coiled options.

Tube Fittings
Apache Pressure Products' has over 300 different types of stainless steel fittings in stock. Everything from a male connector to bulkhead reducing union. If you need a compression fitting for your tubing assembly, chances are we have it. Our fittings are precision machined from 316L Stainless material. We carry both single and double ferrule designs on most of fittings.